Alternative throttle lever for snowmobile

Alternative throttle lever designed to reduce the pain induced from using the factory installed lever on a snowmobile. Patent No.: 6,167,776


An auxiliary throttle attached to the underside of the throttle mechanism of an off-road type vehicle, such as a snowmobile. It is positioned on the backside of the handlebar and is operated by the thumb.
The device has a stop built in that prevents the rider from engaging the throttle at more than half speed using the bar.
The rider can increase speed, but only by using the main throttle.
This has three beneficial effects. First, it provides a convenient and easy method for riders to operate the throttle without fatigue. Second, it is operated by the thumb, just like the main throttle, thereby preventing confusion in an emergency. Third, it limits the speed the vehicle can operate, no matter how hard the device is gripped. Thus, in a panic situation, gripping the handlebar does not cause any sudden burst of speed.

FIG. 1 is a perspective exploded view of the invention. There are three parts to the invention. First, is the handle 2. The handle 2 has a long, extended portion 3. As shown, the handle has a round ball 4 that acts as a stop. Of course, this ball 4 can be omitted. The length of the handle 3 can be adjusted as well, depending on the preferences of different riders.

Fig 1.  Alternate Throttle

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